QuietWarmth Radiant Floor Heating Fiber Underlayment for Traditional Tile is a wired electric radiant floor heating design that enhances the functionality of ceramic or porcelain materials. Floor heating wired technology, uniquely spaced on a recycled insulated pad, adds superior R-value to your tiled floor. This fibrous underlayment suppresses impact sound from your flooring while keeping your floor not only insulated, but it also makes the surface toasty warm, and assists with heating your room for mere pennies a day.  Our radiant floor heating systems can save homeowners 30-50% on their energy bills.

QuietWarmth® Radiant Floor Heating Fiber Underlayment for:

  • For radiant heated traditional tile floors, glue-down and floating floors, and engineered wood floors. Not intended for use under natural stones.

  • Comes in two convenient sizes: 3' x 5' covering 15 S.F and 3' x 10' covering 30 S.F.

  • Lay out your floor plan with these two sizes to cover the main living areas where people will be standing, sitting, or walking. Then fill in the remaining areas with our unheated Insulayment brand underlayment.

  • Simply adhere the radiant floor heat pad to the subfloor with mortar or glue following the flooring manufacturer specifications, and then direct all lead wires toward one central thermostat for optimal control.

  • Floor Heating element has an intuitive safety feature that automatically shuts down the circuit if needed.
  • Ultra-low and safe EMF ratings


Be sure to follow the complete detailed installation instructions included in each package. 

Technical Hotline 888-WARM PAD


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Before you start.

Room Preparations

Preparing for electricity

Traditional Tile application

Glue Down applications

Final hook up