Discover Quiet Warmths' Advantages Compared To:
Other electric radiant floor systems, Water (hydronic systems), and Electric baseboard

Main Advantages VS. Other Electric Floor Systems

  1. There is no easier radiant floor heating system to install. No cement is required! It can insulate the slab, suppress noise while warming your floor. No other heating system is constructed like it!
  2. Patented floor heating element technology prevents overheating.
  3. It does not raise the floor. Ultra-thin (.016 “ for Film and less than 1/8" for Fiber) helping to smooth out minor imperfections in the subfloor.
  4. Installation-friendly wires are connected to one end of each pad for easy routing and connecting to the thermostat.
  5. Safety certified by ETL in compliance with UL Standards for radiant flooring in the USA and Canada.
  6. Costs considerably less. Especially for large areas like kitchens and basements.

Main Advantages VS. Hydronic (Water)

  1. Maintenance free. No mechanical heaters to heat the water and pumps to move the water. No potential leaky pipes to worry about.
  2. Has intuitive built in safety off features to NOT cause damage to the floor or the system.
  3. Even heat distribution. Water near the end of the pipe has cooled compared to water at the beginning of the pipe.
  4. More efficient. Water systems must heat the water then move the water by pumping it through pipes. With Quiet Warmth, all the electric power is used to heat your floor.
  5. Does not raise the floor. Water systems raise the floor to make room for the water pipes.
  6. Simpler, lower cost installation. No water heaters, pumps, valves, pipes and other mechanical parts.

Main Advantages VS. Electric Baseboard

  1. More efficient and more even heat distribution. Baseboard heating is located at the room perimeter and overheats the outside of the room. It does not warm your floor or your feet.
  2. Safer. Baseboard heating can be hot to the touch.
  3. Better appearance. Baseboard heaters are unsightly while Quiet Warmth is not visible after installation.